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Stop by our Sullivant Ave Car Wash !

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For only $5.00, we will wash your car with high pressure hoses and scrub it while you sit comfortably inside your vehicle. Then drive through our bay for the final rinse and optional wax.

FREE: Towels, tire dressing, air freshener spray, glass cleaner spray !

Wax: $1.00   Acid Wheel Cleaner: $2.00


What Is Carnauba wax?

Carnauba wax is the hardest natural wax known to mankind, and has an unusually high melting point of 185 deg F. It comes from a species of Palm that grows in Central and South America. Its natural color is gray before it is processed for commercial use. Carnauba in its natural state is a vegetable plant and when it is extracted is very flaky. These flakes are then formed into blocks by mixing the flakes with a lubricating agent like paraffin, silicone or solvents. Carnauba wax is unparalleled in giving a paint the deepest, hardest and most dazzling finish over all other wax products, even today's sophisticated "high tech" paint sealants. An automobile treated with carnauba wax requires less maintenance, because of its prominent durability even after many washings.

What is the difference between a polish, a wax and a sealant?

A polish is a blend of oils, solvents, water and minerals that is used to make the paint surface clean and shiny, but does not protect as wax does. Old polish and wax, water spots, small scratches and other minor surface imperfections can often be removed by polishing the surface with an orbital or rotary polisher. Using a polish before waxing creates a deeper shine than waxing alone.

A wax is a natural protectant made from blends of waxes, polymers glossifiers and other ingredients that protect and produce a durable, high-gloss finish. Because they are made of natural products, they break down naturally over time. A typical application can last two to three months, and can be layered for optimal effect. They also create a tremendous amount of depth on dark colors.

A paint sealant is a liquid polymer wax that can be applied to most any surface including paint, metal, fiberglass, gel coat, etc. A paint sealant is still temporary, but it is the most durable protectant. A typical application can last four to six months.

My local carwash offers detailing at half the prices of most professional detailer services, what is the difference?

This is a very good question! First of all the term 'Detailing' has been widly misused in the industry. A true detail consists of meticulous cleaning, professional swirl free polishing and protection of surfaces. Many carwashes simply cover dirt with shiny greasy solvent based dressings. This not only traps the dirt inside but the solvents in many of these dressings actually damage the surfaces. Also, many inexperienced workers will run a hi-speed buffer over your paint causing damage and those ugly swirls on your paint or waxing over deep imbedded dirt. Make sure you ask many questions before allowing anyone to detail your car!

When I bought my new car, the salesman told me I have a clear coat on my paint and it NEVER needs waxing. Is this true?

FALSE!!!!! This is simply one of the most mis-understood and incorrectly stated 'facts', detailers see. The fact is 'clear coat' is simply part of the paint system used on most cars and trucks manufactured since the early 1990's. This paint process consists of first painting the color (pigmented paint) which goes on flat without any shine, protection or durability. After the color has been added, a clear urethane paint is added to make the finish hard and glossy. Older (pre 1990's and some newer) paints consist of a single stage paint, where the gloss and hardness is mixed with the color (pigment). Today's clear coats simply make the paint look much more translucent with a deeper shine. Fact is both paint systems MUST be waxed or sealed to protect them from the sun, pollution and other harmful elements. See also the question about paint sealants.

My dealer added a paint sealant and said my car will never need waxing again, is this true?

Once again FALSE! This is one of the biggest marketing hypes we have ever seen! This is truly a play on words, meaning that 'sealant ' (which does last longer than wax) still needs to be re-applied every three to six months. Hence the statement "never wax again", simply means sealant rather than wax must be applied again. If you paid the dealer for this coating you will find that the contract requires you to have this re-applied at specified periods, to maintain the warranty. Waxing is a completely safe alternative, but only lasts about a month (spray on wax from a carwash may only last about a week).

Buffing and waxing are the same thing aren't they?

Actually no! Waxing is simply a protective element that is applied to the paint surface. While waxing may help add some shine to the paint, it should not be confused with buffing. Buffing is a paint correction process that utilizes a hi-speed rotary buffing machine. This process is used to remove superficial scratches, blemishes and fading of a paint surface. The process consists of starting with a 'cutting compound' used to aggressively remove the damaged paint surface. This process is followed by several polishing steps to smooth and restore the finish to a hi-gloss slippery finish. This process is not typically used on well cared for vehicles, as it does remove minute layers of paint. Our full auto detail service includes applying wax or sealant with a dual action machine. This is a non-aggressive means to lightly polish and protect the paint with out leaving 'swirling' marks. Buffing is available for damaged paint.

Will steam cleaning my carpets and seats remove all stains?

Unfortunately no. While pre-treating and steam extraction is the most effective cleaning procedure available, some spills (especially any with reddish dyes), can actually damage and dye carpet and upholstery fibers. Once this occurs, these fabrics can be cleaned ,but, color change is permanent unless material is replaced or re-dyed.

How can you detail my car in my driveway, will is make a mess, and how log will it take?

Our mobile detail shop on wheels is fully self-contained with water, electric generator, etc. Our professional staff always cleans up the work area when completed. A typical detail can average 3-4 hours with a staff of two.

What Is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the process of bringing a vehicle back to the condition it was in when it was new, and ensuring that it stays that way for as long as possible. This is done through meticulously cleaning the vehicle and applying products to protect it from the elements and from wear and tear.

Why Should I Have My Vehicle Detailed?

Detailing is one of the best forms of preventative maintenance for your vehicle. In addition to keeping your vehicle looking great on a day-to-day basis. Detailing provides protection from the long-term effects of environmental exposure (ex. UV Rays, Acid Rain, Road Salt). Although your new or used vehicle may have been detailed before you purchased it. Many automotive dealerships only use products designed to make the vehicle look good to potential buyers, without providing much lasting protection. Many older vehicles suffer from problems such as unpleasant interior odors, dirty carpets and upholstery, scratched or oxidized paint, and dirty engine compartments. All of these problems and many others can be corrected by detailing. If you are planning to sell your vehicle. Have it detailed. It's the best way to sell it quicker and will often increase the value.

How Often Should My Vehicle Be Detailed?

Besides regular washing and vacuuming, your car should be detailed 2 or 3 times a year to keep it looking its best. Dark colored finishes will always require more frequent buffing and polishing to maintain a high gloss.

My Vehicle Has A Clear Coat, Is Waxing Necessary?

A clear-coat is NOT the impenetrable shield that most people think it is. It is simply the top layer of a dual stage paint system called a base-coat/clear-coat. It is susceptible to environmental damage and deterioration. It just doesnít show the symptoms as quickly as a single stage paint system. A wax (or paint sealant) acts as a sacrificial layer of protection for your finish.

What Is A Clay Bar Treatment?

This treatment cleans the surface of your carís paint. This product lifts the dangerous industrial fallout, oxidation and other contaminants off your paintís surface to provide a smooth feel finish. Recommended on vehicles 2 years and older.

What Is Window Polishing?

This step cares for your windows, as they are just like any other surface on your vehicle. They can become dirty with ingrained contaminants and scratched. By polishing the windows, they re-attain their clear perfection.

I Recently Purchase A New Vehicle, What Are Some Steps I Can Take To Keep It The Way It Left The Showroom?

We recommend having a newly acquired or previously owned vehicle detailed right away. Detailing provides preventive maintenance for your vehicle's appearance. Although dealers usually "detail" vehicles before they are sold. They usually don't use products designed for long-term protection. We will inspect your vehicle and recommend what is needed. Once your vehicle is protected. Regular washing and occasional detailing will be the key to keeping it looking good.

How Can I Keep My Vehicle Looking Good Between Details?
You should have it washed and vacuumed (or do it yourself) every week or every other week whether it looks dirty or not.